HPPA Basketball ECCA is a programme for both boys and girls in the lower and upper primary classes. The programme aims to provide participants with the fundamental skills of basketball and to cultivate a basketball culture in the school. Lessons include proper warm-ups, basketball drills (such as ball handling skills, passing, dribbling and shooting etc.).


There is currently no basketball CCA being offered in HPPS. It is hoped that with the projected enrolment of 22 (P3 to P6) in 2018 will qualify the group to play in school tournaments in 2018 (criteria for a minimum of 12 registered players to form a team).


Training is currently conducted weekly for 90mins sessions in school with no additional equipment necessary. Other details are shared below.


Venue: Basketball Court beside Canteen


Duration: 90 mins


Schedule: Wednesday 2.00pm – 3.30pm (P1 & P2) and 3.30pm – 5.00pm (P3 to P6)


Conducted by: Scholar Basketball Academy




  • Wong Wei Long (Head-Of-Program)
  • Sim Lek Wei (Head Trainer)
  • Cheong Wei Liang (2nd Assistant Trainer)
  • Lee Kar Weng Mervyn (2nd Assistant Trainer)
  • Kwek Wei Meng Leong (3rd Assistant Trainer)
  • Toh Qing Huang (3rd Assistant Trainer)


Parent Volunteer-In-Charge: Ms Lee Woei Shiuan

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As this is managed by our kind parent volunteers who are also managing their career and family, please allow them to get back around 3 days time.
If you don’t hear from them you can also email to