Enrichment CCA

HPPA organises Enrichment Co-Curricular Activities (ECCA) to supplement and complement the Co-curricular Activities (CCA) offered by HPPS. ECCAs are organised to avail students of the opportunities to pursue specific sports or skills not offered by HPPS as a CCA, or to allow students to learn the sport or skill at an earlier age than the HPPS CCA’s entry age. For example Golf and Chess are not available as a CCA but organised by the HPPA as an ECCA. Likewise, Badminton and Tennis CCAs are only available to students from P3 to P6, but students from P1 to P6 are able to join the respective ECCAs.

ECCAs are organised by parent volunteers (called Parent Volunteers In Charge or PICs), who are the liaison between the coach or training organisation, the parents and the HPPA. Activities are organised in school using the school’s facilities such as the field and the sports halls, or in the classrooms. ECCAs are recognised by the school and recorded in the report book the same way CCAs are recorded.

The HPPA works hand in hand with HPPS to ensure every child has access to the ECCAs regardless of their financial background. Families who need assistance in paying ECCA fees can approach the school for help. Please contact the Administration Manager, Ms Nelly Goh at 64663600 regarding financial assistance.

Currently, the following ECCAs are offered in HPPS :

Please refer to the various ECCA pages for more detailed information. In addition, parents who are interested in organising ECCAs in other areas can contact the HPPA for more information on how to do so.