About us

Henry Park Parents’ Association

Henry Park Parents Association is á non-profit organisation set up to enhance the wellbeing, education and development of our Henry Park Primary School children, working hand in hand with the school and other education or training providers.


What we do.

1. Help parents keep abreast of issues and developments relating to the well-being, education and personal development of our children

2. Serve as a nexus between parents and school to identify and resolve issues

3. Work hand in hand with the staff to develop and implement supplementary programs

4. Organise self-help to ensure every HPPS child all access to all activities and opportunities provides by HPPS and HPPA



We organise a range of activities, including English Reading, Mother-Tongue and Cultural programs, Enrichment Co-Curricular Activities (ECCA) and other activities for our HPPS kids. We also take charge of a range of support activities such as Traffic Marshalling and providing inputs for school uniforms and school bus services.


EXCO and Parents Volunteers

HPPA is Organised by an EXCO, and supported by many dedicated Parent Volunteers.


Our Logo

To provide a heart-loving, warm and enthusiastic learning environment to nurture our innocent children as well as to maintain a harmonized relationship with all stakeholders.


We understand the importance of having quality time with our family members therefore we encourage parents or siblings of the HPPS pupils to share some common activities. Currently, there are parents taking taekwondo and golf training through the same suppliers. Some siblings of HPPS students have started training ice-skating even though they are not HPPS students. HPPA will help parents to get the preferential rates.
Whether parents and siblings of the HPPS students can be enrolled to the program will be decided by the suppliers/coaches who need to consider the availability of facilities and qualified trainers. Nevertheless, both HPPS and HPPA will not be responsible for the outcomes and any potential liabilities arising from participation of these activities.

Executive Committee (Exco)

HPPA is directed and run by the Exco which is comprised of parent volunteers from different primary levels. Exco members in general are in the office for two years. All members are elected by HPPA members in the AGM, except for the co-opted members who are appointed by the Exco on an annual basis.


HPPA has the following sub-committees to facilitate our work
1. Traffic Management
2. Learning Journeys
4. School Events
5. Membership

Join us for the many benefits

1. HPPA provides an avenue for all HPPS parents to keep abreast of school issues. This website is one of the best resource for staying informed and in touch.
2. Pool resources and network with HPPS parents to benefit our HPPS children. HPPA provides the avenue to network within the classroom and across classes and levels. Come together to organise ECCAs or cultural activities, or even routine matters like car-pooling.
3. Tap on the school’s resources and infrastructure. Organise activities hand in hand with the school, using the school infrastructure.

Contact Information

Postal address:
    Parents’ Association
    c/o 1 Holland Grove Road Singapore 278790.
    Contact: exco@hppa.org.sg
    Webmaster: isaac@jidhost.com
ROS Ref No: 0167/1998