Daily archives: May 19, 2016

Why kids should do chores

Source: https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/why-kids-should-do-chores#.Vz0mntR97IW Retired Principal, Mrs Jenny Yeo shares how parents can nurture young children to be more responsible and independent through doing chores. Want an independent, caring and helpful child? Give him/her some responsibilities, say experts. On my recent holiday in Japan, I was very impressed with cleanliness of the […]

MOE Resources on Supporting Your Child through Transitions and Building Resilience in Children

MOE (Ministry of Education) has developed resources for parents in supporting their child through transitions and in building resilience in children. (i) Guides to building a supportive and caring home environment in supporting children through transitions. (ii) Guides on nurturing the social and emotional skills that build up the resilience in children.