PV Appreciation Nite – 14 Nov 2015

We held our inaugural PV Appreciation Nite on 14 November 2015 to thank all parents who have been actively playing a role in helping to make HPPS a holistic environment for our children to grow and learn throughout their primary school education.

Since it was an event for the parents, we engaged a professional to assist with some team bonding activities. It gave both parents and school leaders the chance to network and strengthen our relationship as we continue to work closely as a big HPPS family. All parents gamely took on the various ice breaking games and they completed the team bonding challenge faster than anticipated!

 Ice Breaking 6  Team Building 3

Of course, we did not forget the most important program for the evening, and that was to recognise the parents for their dedication and time spent to make HPPS a better place for our children. The Friends of HPPS award was presented to a total of 10 parents on this evening.

All award recipients

The evening ended with a surprise award for HPPS’ key Security Officer, Mr John Loh Hee Chen (fondly known as “Uncle John” by everyone in HPPS), jointly presented by both HPPA and HPPS Alumni. It was our small way of showing our appreciation to Uncle John for taking pride in his job and ensuring the safety of our children in HPPS.

Award - John 3

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who had been providing assistance to the school, in various ways and hope to have more parents joining us for next year’s PV Appreciation Nite. Happy holidays!