P3 Learning Journey to Botanical Gardens

Calling for 12 Parent Volunteers on each of the following dates from 8am to 12pm to assist in the P3 learning journey to Botanical Gardens. Each PV will help facilitate learning for 10 students.
17 February 2016 (Wednesday): 3C,3D,3F,3H
18 February 2016 (Thursday): 3A,3B,3E,3G
If you would like to volunteer your time to help out, please click here. Should you encounter any issue in registering for this event, please send us an email at hppa.sg@gmail.com informing us of your name and contact, your child’s class and the date that you would like to volunteer for. We will send you an email to notify you of the outcome of your registration for this event.
Note: We will try our best to arrange for you to volunteer in your child’s class, however, we will appreciate if you can volunteer your help to other classes should the response in your child’s class be overwhelming.