Chess ecca

Our History

Chess ECCA was started in HPPA in 2014 by a few parent volunteers whose children love playing chess.

Our Vision

The vision of Chess ECCA is to provide an opportunity to expose HPPS students to this strategic and intellectual game, which not only trains discipline but also character. We are a chess community who provide support to chess parents and kids who are interested in finding out more about chess.

Why Chess?

“Chess is intellectual gymnastics,” so says Wilhelm Steinitz, the world’s first undisputed chess champion. Just like gymnastics is an all-round sports demanding strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, and body control, playing chess requires a whole lot of skills – it develops logical thinking, hones decision-making skills, trains memory, strengthens willpower, motivates children to excel, and also teaches them how to deal with defeat.

Chess Activities in School

The club conducts a series of programmes for chess development, and we look forward to you and your children joining us in these meaningful activities.

  1. Chess Coaching – weekly classes (during school term time) conducted by chess coaches
  2. Sparring Sessions – for students to play chess in a non-competitive environment


  1. In-house Tournaments – give opportunities for students to improve their skills and progress to tournaments conducted externally, including representing Henry Park at National Inter-school events



Our Chess Coaches


MOE registered for teaching of chess in schools.

FIDE (World Chess Federation) Trained and Certified.

Singapore Chess Federation accredited.


Mr Kenny Chern

Mr Lee Chong Peng

Mr Tan Poh Heng

Mr Lim Hoon Cheng


Weekly Chess Lessons in HPPS


Current schedule (2019)


Our weekly classes are conducted in the school’s CCA rooms on Wednesdays (2 to 3.30pm) during school term-time, and cost approximately $200 for one Semester (12-14 lessons). We need a minimum of 8 to start a class, and the maximum number of students per class is 14.

Beginners – suitable for those with little or no prior chess knowledge

Elementary – suitable for those who have completed our Beginners module, or who have attended a similar external class previously (subject to coach’s assessment)

Intermediate – suitable for those who have completed our Elementary module, or who have attended a similar external class previously (subject to coach’s assessment)

Our classes are open to all Henry Park students. 

Parent Volunteers In-Charge (PICs) for 2019 are Queenie, Venus, Sarah and Gek Choo. We can be contacted at Please allow at least 3 working days for us to reply to your email.


Please note that ECCAs are managed by parent volunteers, and as there is no teacher-in-charge during the ECCA sessions, it is mandatory that there is a named parent volunteer on-site during each session, to look after the well-being of our children. (If there is no parent volunteer for a particular session, that session will be cancelled, with no refund of fees paid.)

In order to enable the ECCA sessions to proceed smoothly, each child’s parent is required to volunteer for at least 2 sessions per Semester (on dates of your choice).

59th National Inter-school Team Chess Championship 2018 (comprising of both Chess CCA and ECCA students representing Henry Park)

Chess ECCA in-house tournament November 2018

Year-end gathering, preparing posters for P1 Orientation 2017

Chess ECCA members representing Henry Park at the10th Nanyang Chess Challenge 2016