April Parenting Talk #1: How To Help Your Child Deal With Bullying

Anti Bullying

Most kids have been teased by a sibling or a friend at some point. And it’s not usually harmful when done in a playful, friendly, and mutual way, and both kids find it funny. But when teasing becomes hurtful, unkind, and constant, it crosses the line into bullying and needs to stop. It’s important to take bullying seriously and not just brush it off as something that kids have to “tough out“. The effects can be serious on kids‘ sense of safety and self-worth.

In this talk, parents will learn the proper way of handling and how to help their child cope with bullying behaviours; and how parents can play an active role in partnership with the child and school to reduce or stop bullying incidents.

About the Speaker – Ms Celine Kheak

Celine Kheak is a Parent Educator trained in competency-based people helping skill and has been a lay counsellor for more than 16 years. Aside from parenting topics, she is helping teens at risk and children who have learning differences. Having had struggled in her younger days with pressures at work and at home, she understands that having the right parenting skills, knowledge and support not only enhanced the quality of the family but also empowered her to share with others.


When: 2 April 2016 (Saturday), 9am to 11am

Where: HPPS, Teaching Laboratory (opposite spiral staircase on Level 1)

Register with Shwu Fong (Coordinator, FamilyMatters@School)

Email: ong_shwu_fong@moe.edu.sg or sms/call – 97705699